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Brett Henry
Brett Henry
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Help is as easy as 1,2,3!

Helping you is as easy as 1, 2, 3 –
and our service does not cost you any money
Get the Bank off your Back
The lender does NOT want your House
The lender does NOT want to foreclose
Foreclosure is expensive & time consuming SHORT SALE IS THE ANSWER!!
One option to consider that we can help you with is called a short pay off.

What is a short pay off? Imagine your home is worth $200,000, but, your owe $220,000 on it.  If you were to sell it in the open market at $200,000, you might net $184,000, or $36,000 less than what you need to pay off the loan.  A short pay off is where your lender will forgive a portion or all of the short amount and cover the closing costs of the sale including real estate sales commisssions.
What lender would just write off that type of money?
Just about all of them will, with justification.  Justification might mean  a substantial loss of income that would prevent you from paying on the mortgage, therefore being forced in a position to sell the home.
Don’t Bury Your Head -
Many people on the verge of financial distress tend to procrastinate until the threat reaches epic proportions.  The earlier and more time allows increases the chances of a beneficial outcome. While you may think you have no choice, other than staying in your house and letting the bank foreclose, YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE.   Another real estate agent may have told you that there was nothing he or she could do to help,  The opposite is true WE CAN HELP.  We can help you negotiate a short payoff arrangement with your lender.
We can help owners who are in default or on the brink, or have little or no equity, yet need to sell and walk away with credit intact.  Our process begins by offering your property for sale on the open market which is less than or close to what is owed against it. 

Sounds easy, but it can be complicated and difficult.  Our real estate team can guide you through the nightmare of the lenders paperwork.  Try ME! 
What do you have to lose?
The Lender usually pays closing cost fees including my Real Estate Sales Commission, upon successful completion of the short sale.  No money out of your pocket. 

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